Membership of the HSU SA/NT entitles you to a huge range of member benefits; from professional indemnity insurance and high-quality continuing professional development to free legal advice and exclusive discounts on a range of goods and services.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

HSU provides automatic professional indemnity insurance as part of your membership (if you are in a profession where it is a required). Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect you from bearing the full legal costs of a law suit or coronial inquiry if there is an accident or you make a mistake at work. It means you won’t lose your house and your savings defending litigation. An important feature of this policy is that it covers you no matter who you work for and where you work, making it beneficial for all workers, including casuals.

Through CGU, members of HSU are entitled to $20M Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance coverage.

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Workplace Services

HSU officers visit workplaces regularly and will visit workplace on request to respond to particular issues.

Professional Services

Members are entitled to attend workshops and training programs on industrial issues.

Advisory Services

The HSU provides advice, assistance and support to members on a broad range of topics including disputes, grievances, workload issues, health and safety, equal opportunity matters, employment applications and classification.

Journey insurance

Your HSU membership automatically includes Journey Insurance which covers loss of income from injuries caused while traveling to and from work to a maximum $1,000 a week and includes Death and Disability Insurance up to $100,000.

Lieschke & Weatherill*

Provided by Lieschke & Weatherill Lawyers who will give you a free initial consultation on any matter or full legal representation on industrial matters.

Holiday Homes in Tasmania

Access to holiday homes in Tasmania. The rental rates are set to be approximately 50% of what the equivalent commercial rate would be for similar accommodation.

  • One two bedroom unit on the beach at Sandy Bay (5km from the Hobart CBD)
  • One three bedroom house on the beach at Southport (98km from Hobart or 293km from Launceston)

For more information please call 1300 880 032.

ACTU Member Connect

ACTU Member Connect is 100% union owned and provides HSU members preferential rates for goods and services such as wine, car rentals, financial planning, insurance etc.

For further details visit

Union Shopper

A free service for members to purchase new & used cars and household goods at a cheaper price. A special deal may be arranged for accommodation, tours and cruise when members are taking holidays anywhere in Australia.

Super Home Loans

Super Home Loans offers to HSU members home loans at a low interest rate, no hidden fees, and variable or fixed rate home loans.

* Pending approval of the Management Committee

For further information please contact 08 8279 2255 or email

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