The HSU SA/NT is run by and for its members. The committee of management is the body responsible for the overall management of the branch  and is comprised of members elected every four years. The branch also participates in two bodies that govern the affairs of the national union: National Council and National Executive.

Committee of Management

The HSU SA/NT Committee of Management is the body responsible overall for the management and control of the affairs of the union. The roles and function of the management committee are determined by the rules of the union.

All members of the management committee are elected by the HSU SA/NT membership every four years. It consists of seven union officers and five ordinary members of the Branch Committee.

The seven officers of the union on the management committee are the President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President and two Trustees.

The Committee of Management meets at least four times a year. Some key functions of the committee include developing strategies and campaigns that improve member’s conditions of employment as well as scrutinise, review and approve expenditure.

From time to time it establishes sub-committees around specific projects or issues.

The following people comprise the current Committee of Management:

Jorge Navas: Branch Secretary / National Council Delegate — Industrial Officer

Zrebar Karimi: Assistant Secretary

Hajisa Teague: President / National Council Delegate — Radiographer

John Hristopoulos: Senior Vice President— Radiographer

Lesley Dummin: Ordinary Committee Member — Radiographer

Tony Hewitt: Ordinary Committee Member — Physiotherapist

Robert Low: Ordinary Committee Member — Physiotherapist

Anthony Newman: Ordinary Committee Member — Medical Scientist

Lida Sam: Ordinary Committee Member — Occupational Therapist

National COUNCIL

National Council is comprised of delegates from each branch of the HSU. Every four years delegates are directly elected by members of each branch. The number of delegates for each branch is determined by the number of members in that branch. Only National Council has the power to alter the rules of the union and they are also responsible for electing the National Officers of the union. The HSU SA/NT has one delegate.

National Executive

The HSU National Executive governs the union between National Council meetings. National Executive meets at least six times a year and is comprised of the National Officers of the union and the Secretaries of each of the nine HSU branches. In the case where a Branch Secretary is also elected as a National Officer, the Assistant Branch Secretary carries the votes of their branch.

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