Dear member,

The Fair Work Commission have written to Clinpath Laboratories Management regarding the Application for Registration of the Enterprise Agreement.

AG2019/629 The Clinipath Laboratories Enterprise Agreement 2018

In their correspondence the Commission highlighted a number of concerns regarding non-compliance with the National Employment Standards (NES) and possible non-compliance with the Better Overall Test (BOOT). Delegates (bargaining representatives) and the HSUSA/NT raised many of those concerns during the negotiating period, and as you might recall many of our HSU newsletters underlined those matters.

Nevertheless Management chose to register the Agreement without finalizing negotiations.

It is our understanding that the Fair Work Commission is giving Clinpath Laboratories Management until Friday 10th May 2019 to provide responses and undertakings concerning compliance with the Fair Work Act. Once we receive Management’s responses to the Fair Work Commission, we will provide our views and responses in relation to the provided undertakings by Clinpath.

We’ll keep you informed.


Jorge Navas
HSU SA/NT Branch Secretary


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