Dear Member,

After months of negotiations between Calvary and your Union, management have told us they will be putting the draft Enterprise Agreement to a vote in the coming weeks.

This means that all staff covered by the Calvary Health Professionals and Palliative Care Agreement will get to vote Yes or No on this draft.

Your HSU delegates have been working to win much needed improvements to the Enterprise Agreement, including on Professional Development and fair and reasonable wage increase that keeps your pay up with the rising cost of living.

Disappointingly, Calvary has said no to almost all our claims, and offered a low 2% wage increase per annum. HSU members were extremely reasonable in what you asked for, and Calvary’s justifications for refusing them do not stack up.

HSU members have made it clear to us that this offer does not recognise their value to the organisation, their professionalism, or the hard work they do everyday in changing and difficult environments to ensure the best possible care for Calvary patients.

We are therefore encouraging all staff to vote, and to Vote No in the upcoming ballot. This will send a strong message to Calvary to keep negotiating with us to reach an Agreement that values your work and helps Calvary attract and retain the best possible staff.

All your conditions of employment in your current EBA will continue to apply until we reach an Agreement that members will accept.


Please feel free to contact Zerebar on 0499 047 277, or Leigh on 0418 538 989.

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